Directions to Fields

RTP Softball Field 1 & Field 2:

223 E. Institute Dr, Durham 27703

RTP Softball Field 3 & Field 4:

2505 S Tricenter Blvd, Durham, NC 27713

RTP Softball Field #1 features the shortest center field fence and an even shorter right field line that is partially cut out of the side of a hill. The trees beyond the left field fence provide plenty of shade for the outfielders and cars on Cornwalis go past the field beyond the right center field wall.

RTP Softball Field #2 has the shortest left field fence and basically distance across the entire field. A steep hill rises up behind the Visitor’s dugout to funnel foul balls back towards the field and a clearing in the trees in left field helps to find home run balls. When it rains, a creek is formed beyond the right field fence.

RTP Softball Field #3 is the most similar to a standard, regulation adult softball field. This is generally the preferred field for RTP Softball games and hosts the championship games for all leagues.

RTP Softball Field #4 is the largest RTP Softball Field. A row of trees lines the right field foul territory and overhangs slightly into the field. A clearing beyond the left field fence acts as a nice landing spot for home runs.